programming books


- Who are you?

My name is Cenny Davidsson (pronounced Kenny), and I’m a software developer, CocoaHeads organizer and the author of this website.

- Did you make this website?

I made all of this website’s content, and the idea is also mine. I do get help with design from a friend of mine (Jovo ve). Without him, this website would most likely be plain HTML without images or stylings.

- Why did you make it?

I want to help people discover good programming books. I have learned a lot from reading programming books, and so can any software developer.

- Books are outdated. I prefer blogs and videos.

Some of the programming books on the list are old, not outdated. Hopefully, reading them will show you that the ideas are as good then as they are now.

Blogs and videos are great resources, and you should continue to consume them. Although, they do not bring the same value as programming books. In a programming book, an author can explore a subject more thoroughly.

- I learn better by doing, like a Jedi.

We all learn from doing, and you should practice often, deliberately. Reading programming books will not take that away from you.

- Okay, I’m convinced, but why read these specific books?

I’m not the sole programmer to recommend these books. I was myself recommended some of these books from more experienced peers.

- Why does the order matter?

Beginning with a programming book, you are not ready for will divert you from programming books and make you think they are not for you.

Finding good books to read is not hard, knowing where to start and where to continue is a little trickier.

- What if I don’t understand or enjoy it?

Reading programming books can be intimidating. It can take time to learn to appreciate to read programming books. If you don’t like it, stop and try again later when you feel ready.