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Beginners and Programming Books

- Don’t know if I’m smart enough to be a programmer.

Anyone can be a programmer, but not everyone wants to. The easiest way to find out is to try it. So, if you ever wondered if programming was for you, you should continue reading.

- I want to learn to code. Should I read programming books?

Reading programming books is an excellent way to learn new ideas and techniques. As a beginner, one must avoid picking a programming book that is too advanced.

Popular programming books like Clean Code and Refactoring assume some experience. Beginners will have no reference to the subjects discussed in these books. Reading them too early will only confuse you instead of enlightening you.

- What book do you recommend to start with?

It’s essential to make sure the programming book you chose is directed towards beginners. Programming books that assume you know some programming already should be avoided.

I recommend buying a book that targets beginners like Learn to Program.

Note that relying solely on a programming book to learn programming can be unnecessarily burdensome.

- What should I do then?

Find someone who can help you, a teacher, or anyone with some experience. It’s essential to have someone to turn to when you get stuck or have questions.

- I don’t know any programmers.

If you don’t know anyone who does programming professionally (or as a hobby), try finding a mentor on, or contact a local school offering programming courses.

It is always good to join a local group and get to know programmers in your town.

- Okay, can I start reading now?

Programming is a craft, and you will learn from doing it more than reading about it. So, in addition to reading the introductory programming book you picked, make sure to do all exercises in it.

- I’m done with the introductory programming book.

Start reading the programming books under the novice section. Also, start building a hobby project. Avoid grandiose ideas of changing the world and pick something simple and small to develop, and let it grow with time.